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TrustfireTR-008 for 3pcs Li-ion ,Li-FePO4 Ni-MH 18650 26650 32650 battery charg
Price: US $16.5
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The charger is especially designed to charge rechargeable 1-3pcs Li-ion 4.2V : 18650 , 25500  ,26650  ,26670 , 32650 ;

Li-FePO4 (3.0V);

Ni-MH AA, AAA(1.2V)


AC 100~240V 50/60Hz or DC 12V




5V 1A use as power bank

Charge time

4 -6h

Package include

1x Charger ,1x Power Cable


intelligent with LCD display


1).first,the battery type selected switch should tune to the corresponding position,function selected switch tune to C,then the charger can normally work.

2).the charger connected to the electricity supply,LCD on,the screen shows our company logo,after 2 seconds to enter standby mode,now the screen shows Standby.

3).put the battery into the charging slot,good contact for its electrode and charging piece,LCD screen shows charging,the corresponding position shows battery icon,in addition,the electricity grid on the icon will flash,means the battery is being charged status,the left screen will display corresponding battery type.

4).when the switch tunes to 3.0V,the charger can simultaneously identify 3.0V lithium iron phosphate batteries and 1.2V ni-mh batteries

5).When charging, due to the charging current is bigger, the charger will have a certain temperature,it is a normal phenomenon.

6).when battery is fully charged,the electricity grid on the icon will show full and stop flashing,means the battery is fully charged.

7).The charger is with anti battery inversion circuit,it can protect the battery and charger from damaging because of battery inversion.

8).The charger can charge 18650, 25500, 26650, 26700, 32650 type batteries.

9).the charger can charge 1.2V ni-mh batteries,3.0V lithium iron phosphate batteries and 3.7V li-ion battery,charger should be tuned to the corresponding position when used.

10).when battery selected switch tunes to 3.0V,the charger can simultaneously charge 1.2V ni-mh batteries,3.0V lithium iron phosphate batteries,in addition,LCD screen will show the type of being charged battery.

11).the charger will identify the being charged battery,and will show on the right LCD screen.

12).the charger has the function of supply electricity outwards(moible power) through the rechargeable battery,end charging slot donot have the function,when using the function,function selected switch tunes to O,USB 2.0 male head inserts into USB output port.then the charger can supply electricity to cellphone and so on mobile devices. the charging current can be 1A.