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TrustfireTR-007 for 2pcs Li-ion 3.7V 14500 18500 18650 18700 26650 battery charg
Price: US $7.9
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Model Number





126(L) × 52(W) × 34(H)




1-2pcs Li-ion 3.7V 16340 ,18350 ,14500 ,14650 ,18500 ,18650 , 18700  ,22650  ,25500 , 26650


AC 100~240V 50/60Hz


4.2V+1% / 1A*2

Output 1

5V 1A

Cut-off Voltage

4.2V ± 0.05V

Charge time

3 -4h

Package include

1x Charger ,1x The power adapter


1) Two separete channels ,- Charges one or two batteries at a time

2) The charge has three modes(H is big chargeing current,L is small charging current,O for USB charged external mobile equipment); change-over switch,it can change the switch fonction as needed

3) charging current

3.1 When the switch position is H mode charging the battery under 2.5V,the charging currnet is 850mah-900mah. when the switch position is L mode chargeing the battery under 2.5v, the charging current is 425mah-450mah;

3.2 When the battery voltage is 4.0v,charging mode changed into 880 pulse type. Until full of electricity .whose rate is 99%-100%

4) The chager uses the way of PWM, which is high voltage,large current-mode and constant current one

5) The charger can keep the battery charging current voltage stability in a certain period,automatic conversion trickle charge,ensure the battery really saturated,prolong the life time of the battery

6) (1).put the adapter on 220V AC power supply,DC plug put into thecharger DC jack,thecharger green power indicator will light up,then put the battery into the charging slot,good contact for its electrode and charging piece,the indicator will become red,Indicating that the battery is being charged. (2).when charging,due to the carging current is bigger,the charge will have a certain temperature,it is a normal phenomenon. (3).when the battery is full of power,the indicator will change from red to green,indicating that the battery has already been filled with electricity

7) The charger can use the battery full of power as USB charged external mobile equipment,making this charger become bimobile power supply,switch the charger to O mode,now the USB indicator light will light up,put the USB2.0 data line pulg into the charger’s USB socket,so it      can charge mobile devices through the data cable)