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21700 / 26650 For E-cig

Shockli 26650 5250mah IMR 20A discharge-Flat top
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Product introduction

Tpye of Battery

Shockli 26650 5250mah IMR battery 20A


26.3±0.2mm(Diameter) x 65.2±0.2 mm(Length)



Nominal Voltage


Nominal  Capacity

5250mah (0.2C  Discharge)

Discharge Cut-off voltage

2.75 V

Standard Charge

0.3 A~2A (Recommend 0.5 A~1.5A) /4.2V±0.05V

Maximum charge current



Discharge Current



Discharge Current


Initial Impedance

20 mW

Cycle Life

500times: discharging capacity≥80%

Charging Time

Standard charge : 5.5hourscharge current:1.0A

Operating environment

Charging, 0°C ~ 45°C

Discharging, -10°C~60°C


Electronic cigarette (This is standard size of 26650, Suitable for Most E-cig,NOT like some 26650 that are over dimension in length or diameter)



In order to prevent damage to property or injury to yourself ,Please read the Warning  before using the battery .

You must keep the battery away from children and pets .

You must charge battery fully before first use .Battery come at about 40% or less capacity .


Don't throw the battery into water or fire.

Don't short circuit (+) and (-) terminals with metallic.

Don't mix the battery with different capacity or manufacturer.

Don't use when the battery wrapper is Damaged,please rewrapped.

Don't store the battery in pocket together with metallic such as keys, necklaces.

Don't leave, charge battery in car or similar place where temperature may be over 60℃.

Don't discharge battery below 2.75V, This 26650 battery is NOT protected battery against over-discharged .